hekety are:

Jess Arrowsmith


Richard Arrowsmith


Gavin Davenport

(cittern and guitar)

Jo Veal


Nigel Holmes

(bass guitar)

Mixing traditional and self-penned tunes, Hekety have been playing cutting edge English dance music since their formation in 1997. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire they have performed to much acclaim at festivals and other events throughout the country.

Hekety are an English Ceilidh band - if you're not sure what this is we have written a brief introduction.


you can contact hekety:

By post:

43 Melrose Road, Pitsmoor, Sheffield


By phone:

0114 249 2708

By email:


Rooted in tradition, but not confined by any of it... not only can they play 7 bells out of their instruments but it would be some night when the musos in this band weren't [some of] the best dancers in the room. And it shows. It really shows in everything they play. And the tunes 'rock'. In the folkiest way of course...
Gordon Potts, caller, The Committee Band
...Musicians who have soaked up a wide variety of styles since the big traditional dance music revival and taken in Rock, Funk and World music along the way. All this makes for very danceable music.
Mike Wild, Stirrings
What a bloody fine bunch of tunes they are! ... played with skill, energy and a respect for the tradition of English Dance music. If you love English Dance Music you must hear this band play!
Green Man Review
Great band to work with - excellent musicians who create a stimulating selection of music styles without losing contact with the aims of a ceilidh band i.e. they are always good to dance to. I always enjoy working with them - book me again soon please
Sheila Mainwaring, caller




sample music

Young Collins

(2 minutes, 2Mb)

The Old Wife Of Coverdale

(24 seconds, 0.3Mb)

Holtwood Reel

(60 seconds, 3.8Mb)